Local tree surgery firm gains national recognition..!

Chris Gill Tree Surgery have very recently attained the status of ARB Approved Contractor (ArbAC), a national 'tree surgery' competence accreditation scheme operated by the Arboricultural Association (a national tree-care industry body, see www.trees.org.uk)

The contractor has met the 65 detailed criteria points covering 4 key areas, including:-
• Work standards and tree knowledge
• Health/safety and competent working practices
• Office procedures
• Good customer care practice

The accreditation really does test all aspects of a tree-care businesses operation and management, and most importantly, it tests the business at the 'sharp end' by visiting work sites rather than just being office and paperwork based (although this is also checked). The scheme also seeks to ensure a customer focused approach and helps businesses better care for their valued customers.

The scheme, which dual-accredits tree surgery contractors with CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme), and offers access to the SAFEcontractor scheme, has recently received SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) membership, which is supported and endorsed by HSE. It has also gained increased recognition at a national level, often being used as the benchmark standard by Local Authorities and other government bodies.

Speaking, Paul Smith (ArbAC Scheme Manager), said "achievement of the accreditation takes considerable time and commitment, along with a significant financial investment and demonstrates a business that is keen to improve and progress by meeting national standards and effectively agreeing to a program of continuous improvement. It is unfortunate that in an industry which has more than its fair share of 'less scrupulous' contractors, often price is the only determining factor for many clients with quality, and 'best value', being overlooked. This is a short sighted approach and often the trees are damaged irreparably and future expensive remedial works are then required. A situation which could easily be avoided by engaging an 'ARB Approved Contractor' to undertake the work (and listening to their professional advice of course.)"

Contractors are reassessed (retested) every two years to ensure their standards stay at the highest levels and of course to ensure customers are still satisfied with the service they provide.

Speaking, Chris Gill said "achievement of the standard means everything to the business, and to me personally, as we have worked so hard to ensure we are upto to scratch in all areas."